CLAP Supersoft Laundry

  • CLAP Supersoft

Fabric Softener

CLAP SUPERSOFT is a cationic fabric softener recommended for commercial and in house laundry users, for hosiery and terry towels wool,making it soft fluffier and fragrant.


  • CLAP SUPERSOFT is a non yellowing fabric softener based on fatty acid and fatty alcohol emulsion.
  • CLAP SUPERSOFT has a good softness and imparts soft and lustrous finish to the fabric. The fabric retains its absorbtion properly, hence CLAP SUPERSOFT is recommended for hosiery and terry towels.Compatible with non ionic detergents, softeners (Cationic),fixers,binders, soaps. Easily dispersible in water.

DOSAGE : CLAP SUPERSOFT is used in the dose of 1-2% ( 20 ml / litre in the last rinse cycle. For best results use in proportion to wash load.


Appearance : White shiny liquid. Odor : Perfumed.   pH : 5 - 6.

CAUTION :In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

STORAGE AND HANDLING : Store in a dry place. Close the container after use.
PACK SIZE : 5 & 25 litres. CLAP SOFT - Fabric softener also available.

Note :
The above information is for guidance only. User is recommended to test the product before use. For Professional users only. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request .