About Alpha Products

Good Sanitation and Hygiene is the subject matter of every individual in the world. Alpha Products, a Mumbai based company is in the business of manufacturing and marketing Quality and Performance housekeeping, kitchen and laundry chemicals for the last 15 years.

A clean restroom creates a good impression for your customers. Keep it clean with Alpha's restroom cleaning products, Glass and Floor Cleaners, Toilet Cleaners, Hand Cleaners etc. to ensure the most sanitary surroundings for your guests.

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Our Clients


  • I have been using various products produce by Alpha Products. Each product I have used shows great quality which they promise. Great Work. Keep up such work.


  • A1 quality products and also their consultant guide you with best to use the product in most efficient way.


  • great products at reasonable rates,amazing quality and apt service


  • your products have great efficacy ,unmatched quality, and cost effective than the others Great!

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