Alpha - Star Floor Care

  • Alpha - Star

Floor Polish and Sealer

Alpha - Star is a dry bright floor polish and sealer which when applied forms a protective transparent film on the surface protecting the floor from wear and tear due to continuos abrasive action. Alpha - Star is a durable polish especially when you need it most under traffic area. Can be applied on all types of hard floors, e.g. vinyl , linoleum , artifical and natural stone floor.


  • Clean the area to be polished throughly with floor polish stripper.
  • Remove slurry and apply damp mop to ensure 100% removal of dirt.
  • Pour moderate quantity of Alpha - Star on the dampened kentucky mop and agitate / twist the mop ensuring that the polish is evenly spread in the mop.
  • Apply 2nd coat after the 1st is dried up completely (Approx after 10 minutes) to the right angle of the first coat.
  • Apply 3 coats or even upto 4 coats as desired.


  • Once Alpha - Star is applied do not go over it again during the same coat - even if a small patch is left the second coat will cover it.
    Take small manageable areas only.
  • Do not walk over wet polish.
  • After application wash the mop thoroughly.
  • Do not store or use at temperatures below 5°C

Safety Data is provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet.


Pack Size : 5 Liters