aqua-c Kitchen Care

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Sanitizer / Vegetable Wash

AQUA-C is a concentrated chlorinated liquid for use on all food and non-food contact surfaces. This product is easily soluble in water, and is very effective against a wide range of micro organisms, in all water conditions. Effective at low temperatures and short contact times. AQUA-C contains Chlorine release agent which makes it also very effective for disinfecting salads, tomatoes and vegetables.

Dilution ratio - Use 25 - 50 ml in 10 liters of water. For disinfection of vegetables, Rinse vegetables with water. Dilute 25 to 50 ml of solution 10 liters of water. Leave for 2 minutes and then rinse with water.

Use with care, protective gloves should be worn to avoid contact with skin.
In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.


Pack Size: 5 Liters Nature: ALKALINE

For more information on product refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet.