CLAP 100 krystal Laundry

  • CLAP 100 krystal

Double Action Detergent

CLAP 100 KRYSTAL is a new generation laundry detergent with combined alkali booster for light and heavy soil removal especially from F&B linen and mechanic overalls.


CLAP 100 KRYSTAL is used in a dose 5-15 gm/kg of dry linen. Dosage may vary according to hardness of water, temperature and levels of stains and soils. CLAP 100 KRYSTAL gives better results in less wash cycles. Saves time and electricity.


STORAGE AND HANDLING: Store in a dry place. Close the container after use.
PACK SIZE: 25 Kgs.

Note: the above information is for guidance only. User is recommended to test the product before use. For Professional users only. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request